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African American Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty people of African decent requires a unique set of skills and understanding of the African ethnic nasal anatomy.  Some common techniques  used in Caucasian patients, when applied to the African American, could result in an unnatural, over-done nose and a very unhappy patient.

What are the most common reasons African Americans seek rhinoplasty?

  • wide nostrils
  • wide nasal tips
  • low bridge of the nose
  • lack of tip definition
  • breathing problems

why is African American rhinoplasty different?

  • skin is more prone to scarring
  • Nose cartilages are weak
  • Nasal bones are short and can easily lead to complications if not properly handled
  • thicker skin

To preserve your ethnic uniqueness of your nose, Dr. Simoni will spend ample time with you discussing your desires and explaining how the changes you desire will affect other features of your nose and face. By conservative changing only and carefully preserving ethnic characteristics, your nose will blend more aesthetically with your face and not appear overly operated. Dr. Simoni  will use computer imaging to help you visualize your nose and other facial features, and as an aid in surgical planning.

The following pictures represents before and after photographs of patients who underwent nasal surgery by Dr. Simoni.  They are presented as examples of real people from various walks of life who chose to have plastic surgery.

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african nose job 

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