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Permanent Non surgical Nose Job with Artefill

Plastic surgery today is a growing epidemic in today’s society. Everywhere you look someone has had some type of procedure done from face lifts, liposuction, and nose jobs. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have the money some may have to spend on these types of procedures. Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon believes that everyone should be able to feel comfortable, self confident and beautiful in their own skin. The first thing anyone see’s when meeting someone is the face. The focal point of the face is the nose and if the nose is a little too big, have a slight bump in the bridge, or appear to have a drooping tip it can make the face appear to be uneven. Nose job’s (otherwise known as rhinoplasty) can range from $7,000 and up not including the anesthesia and operating room fee’s and unfortunately for some people that kind of cost is out of the picture. But what if there is someone out there who wants a rhinoplasty but has a fear of surgery, or the thought of being put under general anesthesia has been stopping them from getting the nose they have been dreaming about for years. There is a cosmetic procedure known as the ‘Non-surgical Nose Job’ which is a nonsurgical procedure done at Dr. Simoni's office in Beverly Hills, California and only takes about 5-10 minutes.

What is Non Surgical Nose Job?

For a non surgical nose job, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Simoni of Beverly Hills may use injectable fillers such as radiesse, Juvederm, or Artefill. These fillers are approved by the FDA and are found by some surgeons as excellent when it comes to the alteration of the nose’s shape and appearance.

What is Artefill nosejob?

Artefill has been one of the best fillers to use on the nose since it’s known to be the more permanent of the fillers used for this procedure lasting for years, you may need to go back to Dr. Payman Simoni for a few touch ups over the time period but it would be less than if you were choose to use other fillers. They are layered on a patient’s nose over a couple of months so the process may seem time consuming but the results are well worth it. This long time period is due to the careful attention by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Simoni that is required as the results are permanent.

Who can benefit from Artefill rhinoplasty?

The non surgical nose job is beneficial for patients who have noses which are short tipped, slightly droopy, or if they have a small bump on the nose bridge. But the disadvantage is the injections do not have the capacity to reduce nose width or length as the surgical intervention may be able to fix. But patients who decide to get the nonsurgical nose job with Artefill should know that, once they get Artefill injections, they really shouldn’t have the rhinoplasty surgery done since the filler stays in the skin for years, so performing surgical procedures on skin that has been injected with Artefill is much more complicated and difficult to work on. The time needed to recover from this procedure is very short, and patient’s can leave the Simoni Plastic Surgery office the same day and takes only a day or two for a complete recovery from the injections rather than the 2-3 weeks for the down time of the rhinoplasty.

In January 2007, the FDA approved the Artefill as injectable filler. Studies have shown that Artefill lasts at least 10 years.  Dr Simoni uses Artefill in selected non surgical nose jobs.  For more information visit "Non surgical nose job" section.

artefill in nose

Problems addressed:

  • Depressed Tip


Non Surgical Nose Job

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