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Asian Rhinoplasty

The Asian rhinoplasty is quite specific.  Asian noses have fewer growth centers in the mid face than Caucasians. This explains the specific relation of the nose to upper lip. The nose usually sits shallow into the face. Another common feature is the Columella (the hanging portion of the underside of the nose) is not visible because it hides inside the nose.  Another common finding in the patients of the Asian descent is the wide nostrils (alar flaring). Some Asian noses require raising the bridge of the nose to Caucasians who usually need hump reduction.  Because of these unique characteristics of Asian nose, Asian Rhinoplasty procedures should be designed to modify and improve the esthetics of the nose.  A good rhinoplastic surgeon understands the difference in the anatomy and morphology of the Asian and Caucasian nose and plan the procedure accordingly.  However it is important not to destroy the fundamental ethnic characteristic of the nose.

the Asian Rhinoplasty procedure

Asian rhinoplasty patients often wish to have narrower elongated noses with greater projection at the tip. The goal of the Asian rhinoplasty should be building a natural-appearing nose that is in balance with the face.  The bridge of the nose is raised and narrowed.  At the same time the width of the nose may need to be narrowed. On the other words, Asians usually require augmentation rhinoplasty, in contrast to Caucasians who usually require reduction. Surgery to narrow the width of the nostrils is also frequently requested by Asian patients.  A successful Asian rhinoplasty should protect the patient's ethnic identity. The goal should be An attractive Asian nose rather than an attractive Caucasian nose on an Asian face.

The following pictures represents before and after photographs of patients who underwent Asian Rhinoplasty by Dr. Simoni.  They are presented as examples of real people from various walks of life who chose to have plastic surgery.

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