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Best Plastic Surgeons Face Lift

Choosing a Face Lift Surgeon

With so many surgeons out there, how do you choose a qualified face lift surgeon? Before anything it is important to look at board certification and training.  It is also that you know difference between a general plastic surgeon and a facial plastic surgeon. A general plastic surgeon usually does body and face procedures; however, a facial plastic surgeon is commonly  specialized in face lifts.  Lastly, view before-and-after photos, read testimonials, and talk to previous patients to help you choose the best facial plastic surgeon for your face lift.

Dr Simoni is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills specializing in mini face lift . The Simoni Lift ,contemporary approach to enhancing the face, is the signature of the Simoni Plastic Surgery. Dr Simoni is a dual board certified specialized face lift plastic surgeon. He performs minimally invasive State-of-the-Art facial plastic Surgery and cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures which minimize incisions and recovery time while maximizing results. With a top secret list of models, actresses, and social elite, Dr. Simoni is named one of Beverly Hills Best Plastic Surgeon.  He was recently featured in the View, Et, New York Times, and many more. That is why patients fly in from Europe weekly for his cutting edge face lifts.

For more information about Simoni Lift™ visit our face lift page.

Best Plastic Surgeons Face Lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck


Simoni Lift

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