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Rhinoplasty for Black Ethnic Noses

Black ethnic noses are unique in having weak cartilages in the tip of the nose, shallow of nasal bridge, flared and wider nostrils.
Black ethnic nose job (Rhinoplasty) is more skilled driven than average rhinoplasty. As a ethnic rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Simoni focuses on building up the bridge of the nose and also on the reduction of the nostrils. In contrast to average rhinoplasty which involves reducing cartilages or bone, in black rhinoplasty, Dr Simoni builds up the nose cartilages. Dr Simoni often uses grafts made of cartilage from the patient's septum or ear. The procedure aims at  elevating the dorsum, and narrowing and projecting the tip. For more detail information visit our African American rhinoplasty page.

 black ethnic nose job

Problems addressed:

  • Wide nose tip
  • under-projected tip
  • Low dorsum (bridge)
  • Retracted tip


Revision open Rhinoplasty

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