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Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation is a common facial plastic procedure which brings harmony to the face. Chin Augmentations are often requested by people who feel their chin is too small or out of proportion with their face. If augmentation is completed with a manufactured implant, the procedure is minimally invasive, taking less than an hour. While chin augmentation is sometimes done under general anesthesia, it is usually performed under local anesthesia accompanied by sedation. Chin implants are sometimes performed at the same time as a nose job (rhinoplasty). 

The chin augmentation is designed to improve a weak chin.  There are many causes for a weak chin including congenital deficiency, age-related bone loss or facial trauma.  Chin augmentation is a simple procedure using specialized silicon implants.

Reshaping or moving bones in the face is a more complicated version of chin augmentation, and is done under general anesthesia. For many patients, a simple silicone implant is sufficient.

A weak chin can give the appearance of a 'fleshy' neck.  Chin augmentation brings balanced relationship within the structure of the face and neck. While chin enhancement can be a relatively simple procedure, it still requires good judgment, skill and a good aesthetic eye of a facial plastic surgeon.

Before the Chin Augmentation, Dr Simoni and the patient select a chin implant that best achieves the desired result. To perform a basic chin implant, Dr Simoni makes an incision beneath the chin. Dr Simoni implants a chin constructed of solid silicone, and the cut is closed with sutures. The resulting scar is barely visible.

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chin augmentation

Problems addressed:

  • Chin weakness


Chin Implant

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