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Irvine Chin Implant Surgeon

Irvine chin implant surgery

Well-defined chin and jaw line can give you a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Some may prefer a more well-defined, chiseled facial appearance. In these instances, chin implants may be used for chin augmentation to enhance the chin and bring the chin into balance with the rest of the face.

Here at Simoni Plastic Surgery, we often have chin implant patients from Irvine, Orange County and other areas who present us with pictures of actors and models with a well defined jaw line whom they want to look like. For more information visit chin implant page.

Irvine Chin Implant Surgeon

Problems addressed:

  • nose hump
  • Over-projected tip
  • Short upper lip


Primary Close Rhinoplasty

Chin (augmentation) Implant

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