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Cosmetic Neck Surgery Before and After

The sagging neck is a top area of concern for both men and women.  "Double chin" or a full/fatty neck can occur in almost any age. Numerous elements influence the appearance of a neck. The size and shape of the jaw and chin, the neck muscles, fat, and skin quality are all responsible for the final shape of the neck. An important part of a cosmetic neck surgery is the use of fat contouring and removal. Frequently, this can be achieved with liposuction alone through the use of small incisions hidden under the chin or behind the ears. Removing excess fat can result in a more trim, youthful line of the neck and jaw.

 For more information visit neck liposuction/lift page.

Cosmetic Neck Surgery

Problems addressed:

  • Over-projected tip
  • nose hump
  • Thick skin
  • Neck fat deposit
  • Upper eyelid heavy skin


Primary open Rhinoplasty

Neck Liposuction

Neck Lift

Upper eyelid Lift

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