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Crooked Nose Surgery

Correction of a crooked nose is one of the most challenging problems in nose surgeries. It is important that the surgeon first identifies the etiology of the crooked nose and then plan surgical correction. Crooked nose could be caused by over growth of septum or broken nose. A skilled rhinoplastic surgeon must be able to make an accurate diagnosis to formulate an appropriate surgical plan. As with all other types of nose jobs, the surgeon must formulate a plan that takes into account balance, proportion, and nasal airway.

A rhinoplastic specialist is well familiar with underlying anatomical abnormalities. These structural issues could contribute to nasal obstruction, further complicating optimal surgical planning. Although many focus on contour deformities but a comprehensive approach must also involve correction of nasal obstruction.  For more detail information visit our rhinoplasty page.


Problems addressed:

  • deviated (twisted) nose
  • poor tip definition
  • thick skin
  • Wide tip


Primary open Rhinoplasty

croocked nose surgery

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