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What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

Treatment for arround the Eye Dark Circles

There are few factors that create dark circle under the eye. That is why just using a cream or surgery alone may not eliminate lower eye dark circles.  Dr. Simoni always tries to address all or some of these problems to fix the dark circles.

  • Darker skin color: There many genetic and environmental factors creating darker skin color (increased or hyper pigmentation) under the eye. Dr Simoni treats most of this hyper pigmentation with special skin bleach (hydroquinone). It is important to mention that it would take few months for the cream to work. For quicker fix one can do IPL, laser or chemical skin resurfacing (peels).
  • Hollowness under the eyes: With age or genetic predisposition, some people get hollowness under the eye that creates a dark shadow. Dr Simoni uses Fillers such as fat, radiesse , Juvederm, or restylane to fix the crease.
  • Fat under the eye: Sometimes fatty bulges under the eye create shadow under the bulge creating dark circle. Fat pads under the eye is usually the most common factor in dark circles in adults after 40. Fillers or traditional eyelid surgery could help with this problem.
  • Allergy: Patients who suffer from allergy could get venous congestion under the eye creating dark circle. Dr Simoni would refer you to a right physician for allergy problems.

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Surgery For Dark Circles

Problems addressed:

  • Upper Eye Lid Loose skin
  • Lower Eye Lid bags
  • Dark Circles
  • Crows feet
  • Eye lid Wrinkles


Upper Eyelid Lift

Lower eye lid lift (subciliary)

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