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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Even though you can not combine all ethnic noses within the same group, people of different ethnicities tend to have characteristic nasal forms that differ from Caucasian noses. These differences require different surgical strategies somewhat. Dr Simoni emphasizes that patients of African, East Asian, and Hispanic ethnicity  receive the result they desire without effecting their ethnic heritage.

Candidates for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

In General, anyone who seeks a new shape for the nose with typical features of their ethnic group is a candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty. For instance, many people of Asian and African descent have noses with wider nostrils and poorly defined tips. These people, also in some Hispanics, usually have thicker skin on the tip of the nose, giving it a rounded, bulbous appearance. Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery help those who would like to improve upon these features.

Surgical Techniques

Like other types of rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty seeks to improve the nose by reshaping nose cartilages. More common in ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr Simoni uses cartilage graft to define and increase support of the tip. The flatter tips can be defined by grafting in extra cartilages. Some times  incisions at the sides of the nostril may be needed to narrow the wider nose. Les commonly, Dr Simoni may use artificial implants at the bridge of the nose to give it better definition as well. DR Simoni will discuss different options during your consultation.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Results

If done with a rhinoplastic specialist, the results of ethnic rhinoplasty surgery are generally just as satisfactory as those of Caucasian nose jobs. Using some the techniques discussed above, Dr Simoni can re-shape the nose to make it appear straighter, longer, narrower, or however else the patient desires, within reasonable limits. It is outmost important that the patient has realistic expectation.  Complete change of ethnic characteristics of the nose may lead to a disaster.

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