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Facelift Risks and Complications

As with any surgery, facelifts carry certain risks. Facelift risks vary based on the type of anesthesia , your overall health and how well you follow your doctor's instructions. Bleeding, infection , and scarring are among the most common risks with any surgery.  In the hand of an experienced surgeon, facelift complications are rare and tend to be minor.

Certain habits like smoking and drinking increases the risk.  smoking can slow down the healing process and worsen scarring. Drinking certain alcoholic beverages can also increase your risk of bleeding. Make sure to be honest with your surgeon about your smoking and alcohol use.

 For information visit rhytidectomy page.

Face lift risk

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Excess upper eyelids skin
  • Under the eye bags
  • facial Wrinkles




Upper and lower eyelid lift

Skin resurfacing


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