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Fat Injection and Fat Transfer, Beverly Hills

Facial Fat Rejuvenation is also commonly known as fat grafts or fat transfer, free fat transfer, autologous fat grafting/transfer/transplantation, liposculpture, lipostructure, volume restoration, micro-lipoinjection, fat injections and even the "Space Lift."  For simplicity, fat grafting will be used from here on out. 

Facial Rejuvenation From Your Own Fat Stores

There is finally a natural approach to restoring youthfulness to the face without removal of skin, stretching or the unnatural look from a facelift.  Dr Simoni usually uses this procedure with the face lift to further the facial rejuvenation. 

Surgeons are routinely discovering that aesthetic improvement through facial fat replenishing is both dependable in most patients and convenient as there seems to be an almost endless supply of the adipose (fatty) tissue in the healthy, average-weighted patient.  This procedure has become very popular within the last few years - especially since techniques have improved, such as the micro-droplet or "threading" approach, which can increasing the longevity of the fat graft.

Fat grafting or fat transfer is the removal of excess fat cells from different parts of the body with meticulous extraction methods and then re-implant the cells where needed - to the lips, the nasolabials (mouth to nose folds), under the eyes, in the cheeks, chin, temples, etc.   This is a very exciting procedure as it is not terribly invasive and yet gives the appearance of youth. However, there is a moderate amount of swelling. 

This procedure can also augment the cheeks, chin, and jaw line with the autologous tissue to further enhance your look.  Or you can simply restore your under-eye fat or to fill areas where fat has been lost due to aging, trauma, disease or sickness.

What Areas Are Usually Treated With Fat Injection?

Almost all areas of the face and body can be treated including: (click on the image to enlarge)

full face after weight loss

correction after aggressive removal of under-eye fat pads from lower blepharoplasty

full face after facelift
Fat injection for Eyes
correction of "hollow" eyes, visible vessels resulting in dark circles, as well as visible tear troughs

outer brow

upper malar

Lower eye to correct the bags

-sub malar
-area between upper lip and nose

sunken eyes

tired looking eyes

upper eyelid

-jaw line
-facial scars
-temple areas

Stem cell lift

lower cheek after aggressive buccal fat extraction or natural loss
Best Fat injection Doctor
full face with facelift
Fat Grafting for Eyes
tear trough
fat transfer los angeles
eye rejuvenation
 fat transfer butt
buttocks, hips
sternum and anywhere else fat is needed or wanted

Are You A Candidate For Fat Grafting? 

First and foremost, an individual must be in good health, not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions and must have realistic expectations of the outcome of their surgery.  

You must be mentally and emotionally stable to undergo any cosmetic procedure.  This is an operation which requires patience and stability in dealing with the healing period. 

When we age our underlying collagen and elastic begin to break down and wrinkles emerge.  This, along with facial fat loss, brings about a haggard, hollow or even skeletal look.  If you are not "overly" skinny, with an over active metabolism and have a little extra fat somewhere on your body to spare you may be a good candidate.

How Is Fat Injection Performed?

Dr. Simoni recommends use of only local anesthesia for the entire procedure. If you are having liposuction for body contouring you can have the fat "harvested" during your procedure (such as a fat transfer from the buttocks or another autologous fat transfer). 

This fat will be gently removed from the donor site (usually the buttocks, abdomen or the saddle bags - although the saddle bags can be quite fibrous) with a small cannula as to not to damage the membrane of the fat cell.  The fat is then spun in a centrifuge to remove excess fluids and the damaged fat cells are "picked out" and only whole, undamaged  fat cells are used.  The fat is then injected with the use of a separate smaller cannula either just under the wrinkle or deep within the muscle (in SOME areas) as there is a higher vascularity within the muscle thus increasing the longevity of the fat graft. 

 Your face or body may feel tight for couple of days.  And your donor site may be be sore as well. 

The Road to Recovery 

  • You shouldn't wear cosmetics until at least the day after. 
  • You may be swollen and pink so it may be in your best interest to take off the rest of the day. 
  • If you were given any type of sedative you will be groggy. 
  • Swelling may last anywhere from 24-72 hours; although it should completely be gone in 2 - 4 weeks. 
  • To get the best result possible, You may require a few more treatments.

The effects can last up to 7 years (and sometimes more).  Fat transfer, if done correctly, can be wonderful! 

Learn more about Fat Grafting Call Dr. Simoni today at (310) 360-1360 to schedule your consultation for fat injections. Also, check out our fat transfer photo gallery and video gallery to see the kind of results that can be achieved.


Our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills fat transfers only require a local anesthesia making it a very safe procedure. In addition to this fat graft procedure, Dr. Simoni offers a variety of other procedures to help patients look and feel their best.

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