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Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)

In the past few years, a rounded, defined and enhanced buttocks has be proven very appealing.  Fat injection to Butt has been gaining a significant attention since the results can look very natural.  Since fat is your own body substance, there is little chance for rejection or infection.

Fat has shown an unprecedented ability to adapt.  It feels soft and natural to touch.  A major down side of transferring fat to the buttocks is unpredictability as how much it get reabsorbed by the body. Unfortunately, surgeons can’t really predict how much will be reabsorbed. However, newer techniques has improved fat retention dramatically.  as  a rule of thumb, what remains after three months will be stay permanently.

Am I a candidate for butt augmentation through fat transfer?

Usually, if a patient is somewhat average to overweight or wears an eight to 12 dress size, she is probably best suited for transfer in combination with some liposuction. Thinner patients who wear size two or less are usually not good candidates for fat transfer because they do not have enough fat to spare.

In the newer fat injection technique, The surgeon spreads thin layers of fat in different layers of the muscles and fat – starting with the deepest -- where they will be close to a blood supply. That’s will help the transferred fat to survive better. This gentle layering method will also create a smooth, more rounded buttock with less chance of irregularities.

It is important to know that right after the butt augmentation, the buttocks will swell somewhat and then subside in few days. Thus, most patients think all the transferred fat has gone away but in reality, it was the swelling that subsided. Also  good portion of the fat cells may shrink originally.  It may require few months before you can appreciate the final result.

Fat is usually get harvested from the flanks, the outer legs or abdomen. correct placement of harvested fat cells will cause your butt end to look  lifted up and shapely.  it is always more important where the fat is to be placed than how much fat is placed.

On average for a Brazilian Butt Lift about 700 cc of pure fat is needed. fortunately, almost everyone would be very pleased to lose that amount of fat from unwanted parts of their bodies.   I just about always suggest some form of gluteal augmentation with fat to most patients who are interested in having their buttocks shaped and contoured.

One of the most widespread misconception is that fat transfer will result in a lumpy or bumpy surface or it may create cellulite. That is not true.

After the butt augmentation, you must wear a body garment for one week. You can go back to work after 4-5 days.

fat transfer butt fat transfer butt

Problems addressed:

  • Flat buttocks


Fat grafting to butt

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