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Finesse Rhinoplasty

It is a common misconception that nose job should be undertaken only in cases of severe nasal deformity. The finesse rhinoplasty is used to make minor adjustments to the shape of the nose to improve the appearance and create a more balanced face. 

During the two-hour surgery, he hides an incision across the tissue separating the nostrils. After adjusting the nose, a splint is placed into the nasal cavity to prevent it from moving so that the new shape holds. 

Patients can generally go back to work after a week, though it might take over a month before they feel completely normal. Results can be seen in as little as three weeks, however, the nose continues refitting for 12 months. 

For more detail information visit our rhinoplasty page.

finesse rhinoplasty

Problems addressed:

  • Over-projected tip
  • nose hump
  • Thick skin


Primary open finesse Rhinoplasty

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