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Indian Nose Job

Indian nose job is very similar  to Middle eastern nose jobs.  Middle Eastern nose job varies significantly in shapes and types based on one’s exact ethnicity, like Persian (Iranian), Armenian, etc.  Most oftentimes, Indian noses that are considered unaesthetic are too wide in the nasal profile and tip.  Dr. Simoni recommends preserving or softening your ethnicity while having the nose in balance with the rest of face at the same time.  Often over-reduced Indian or Middle-Eastern noses can look abnormal and over-done.  Thus it is important to stay in conservative side.  For more detail information visit our rhinoplasty page.

Indian Nose Job Picture

Problems addressed:

  • Wide nose tip
  • Poor tip definition
  • Over-projected tip
  • wide nostrils
  • Thick skin


Primary open Rhinoplasty

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