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Instant Face Lift

Instant face lift refers to skin creams designed to tone and tighten of the face; instant face lift products generally work to improve the overall appearance of the facial skin. The word face lift is a marketing tactic to sell the product.  In reality no cream in the world can come even close to a true face lift. 

The intent of instant face lift manufacturers (rejuvenating creams) is to provide individuals with just a skin care treatment. Despite popular belief, there are not significant differences between instant face lift products, most work by moisturizing and mild resurfacing the skin tissue and reducing wrinkles. Medical grade instant face lift powders and creams frequently contain exfoliants relying on the removal of dead skin layers to improve skin appearance. Over the counter instant face lift creams work by increased moisturizing, which smoothes the skin's surface. The patient depicted below underwent a true face lift.  For more information visit face lift section.

Instant Face Lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Lower eyelid fat bags


Simoni Lift

Lower eyelid lift

Fat Transfer

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