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Loose Neck Skin Tightening

Tightening of Muscles in Neck

Often the main concern regarding facial rejuvenation is the neck area. If there is a lot of loose skin or muscles then a neck lifting procedure may be required. Neck tightening can usually be performed through the mini facelift incisions, so tightening the neck muscles to a more youthful appearance. In case of prominent neck bands,  a small incision, hidden beneath the chin, may also be required to tighten the neck bands centrally.   The aim of a neck lift, however, is to eliminate neck bands, tighten the loose skin and remove excess. For more information visit face lift page.

Loose Neck Skin Tightening

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck bands


Simoni Lift


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