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Lower Facelift

Pearl: Lower facelift rejuvenates the lower part of the face by tightening the face’s underlying fat and muscles that slacken with age, forming jowls and a saggy neck. Lower facelift also trims excess skin, smoothing it down to eliminate facial wrinkles and giving a visual lift to the bottom third of the face.

In Reality, a lower facelift is what often comes to mind when people think of a facelift. Lower facelift eliminates jowls, tightens lax skin on the neck and jaw line, addresses deep wrinkles, and raises the corners of the mouth. The “full facelift,” in contrast, is actually a combination of a lower facelift and mid facelift. The full facelift rejuvenates the face from cheeks to neck, while the lower facelift lifts the lower third of the face — an area quick to show signs of aging. For these reasons, candidates for lower facelift surgery are patients in relatively good health who have reasonably elastic skin and are showing most of their aging in the bottom third of their face as well as the neck. For more information visit face lift section.

Lower Facelift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck bands


Simoni Lift

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