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How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under Chin and Neck

As people age, they often get sagging skin under chin and neck due to fatty deposits, weakening muscles and loose skin. By lifting the neck, patients’ profiles look years younger and clothes and fashion accessories such as ties, turtlenecks, and necklaces are worn more comfortably. Fat can be removed through an incision under the chin or behind the ears.  Muscles can be tightens and excess skin can be removed from behind the ears or under the chin. One can get rid of sagging skin under the chin and neck without needing have the whole face done.  This procedure can be done in one hour without the need of any major anesthesia.

For more information visit our neck liposuction/lift page.

Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under Chin and Neck

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Neck


T Neck

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