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Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Nose Job

The Middle Eastern nasal skin is usually very thick and oily skin and cartilages are weak, wide, and bulbous. In the middle eastern nose surgery the tip skin and cartilages must be refined and narrowed. The Middle eastern nose jobs are complicated because of the poor tip support which requires specialized cartilage grafting to make it stronger and more defined. Dr. Simoni uses a combination of advanced and specialized cartilage grafting and suturing techniques to refine the tip cartilages in the Mediterranean noses. Dr. Simoni believes that it is outmost important to be conservative and not to be over-aggressive to remove a bump or lift the nose in the middle eastern.  Aggressive and destructive rhinoplasty creates a nose that will not match the middle eastern patients' other facial features and will make the nose look operated and unnatural.

Many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean nose surgeries need reduction of the height of their bridge and smooth the nasal humps. Rhinoplasty surgeons who understand the medeterranean nose structure will sometimes need to narrow the nostrils.  For more detail information visit our Middle Eastern nose job page.

middle eastern nose job

Problems addressed:

  • nose hump
  • Over projected nose




Primary closed nose job

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