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Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean rhinoplasties are more challenging. In majority, the nasal skin is thicker which make the nose to appear larger than average Caucasian noses. The Middle Eastern and Mediterranean noses also tend to have high dorsum and droopy tip which make the nose to appear long. Poor cartilage support creates an ill-defined nasal tip.

Since Rhinoplasty for Middle Eastern patients is quite specific, therefore patients need to find an experienced facial plastic surgeon who understands the difference. With Middle Eastern noses, the surgeon often has to rebuild and reshape the nose to bring an overall harmony to the nose structures and many times the facial cosmetic surgeon needs to re-rotate the droopy tip of the nose upwards.

Dr Simoni performs numourous Persian rhinoplasties due his Persian background. For more detail information visit our Middle Eastern rhinoplasty page.

middle eastern rhinoplasty

Problems addressed:

  • nose hump
  • Over projected nose




Primary closed Rhinoplasty

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