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Non Invasive Eye Lift

As the science of eye lift has advanced, there has been a significant advancement in the non-invasive solutions for improving the appearance of the eyes. Recently, we have learned that fat loss in and around the eyes contribute a significant amount to the aging process of the area. As a result, Dr. Simoni utilizes non-invasive volume restoration to address these changes in appropriate candidates. Most often, Dr Simoni uses in-office injectables to improve the hollowness of the lower eyes and the laxity of the upper eyelids. Dr. Simoni mainly uses radiesse or fat injection as the main fillers for the eyes.  Radiesse generally has few side-effects and can last up to 2 years. Botox injections can also be used to reduce the crow's feet wrinkles in an Eyelid lift procedure further enhancing the overall appearance.  The benefit of fat injection is that it can be a almost permanent solution for about 90% of individuals. Fat is usually harvested from the abdominal region under local anesthesia and injected in the appropriate regions of the eyes, midface and brows for an eyelid lift. For individuals with significant hollowness and sagging, fat provides a better solution than Radiesse.

Non Invasive Eye Lid Lift

Problems addressed:

  • Dark Circles


Non invasive eyelid lift

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