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Non Invasive FaceLift

The Simoni Lift is a non-invasive facelift that is ideal for lifting the jowls, mid face, and neck.  The loose skin, fat and mucles is lifted upwards and backwards then supported. The end result is a natural face lift lifts and supports the face without leaving major unsightly scar lines.

Non-invasive facelift take about one hour but if the mid face is also treated then the procedure takes one and half hours. Recovery is quick - about four to seven days - although the downtime increases if both the jowls and mid face areas are treated. In this case downtime can take up to seven to ten days because there is slightly more swelling. Non-invasive facelift is performed under local an anesthetic. Fot more information visit non invasive face lift page.

Non Invasive Face Lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck Bands


Simoni Lift

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