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Non Surgical Eye Lift

Pearl:  Dark circles of the under-eye area represent one important problems of lower eyelid aging. Non surgical eye lift performed by Dr Simoni addresses both puffiness and dark circles. Using Radiesse, the dark-circle depressions can be softened and the bags made less apparent. Advantages of non surgical eye lift include minimal to no recovery, minimal risks and avoidance of surgery. Unfortunately, the results are temporary and not every patient is a good candidate for non-surgical eyelid procedures. Best candidates are younger patients with early signs of lower lid aging who want to postpone an eyelid lift for a year or two. The upper lid region usually is not significantly improved with this approach.  Dr Simoni believes that correction of lower eyelid aging with injectable fillers is a challenging procedure with minimal room for error. The procedure can be virtually painlessly performed with application of anesthesia cream. For more information visit Non surgical eye lift section.

Non Surgical EyeLid Lift

Problems addressed:

  • Dark Circles


Non surgical eyelid lift

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