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Non Surgical Nose Lift

The Non-Surgical nose lift is ideal for those who wish to have a more attractive nose without having to go through the surgery, downtime, and high costs associated with surgical Rhinoplasty. Non surgical nose lift is ideal for individuals with a wide variety of cosmetic nose complaints. This includes: crooked nose, depressions, small bridge, sharp nose angles, unattractive tip, bumps, etc. By correcting these imperfections with injectable fillers, your nose can apear smaller, more symmetric, and attractive.  Radiesse is DR Simoni's fillers of choice. Within 15 minutes, immediate correction will be achieved with minimum to no pain and no recovery or downtime.  If you are considering rhinoplasty, but do not wish to go through isurgical procedures, this revolutionary, safe and effective method is just right for you.

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non surgical nose lift

Problems addressed:

  • Dorsal hump



Non surgical nose lift

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