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Non-Surgical Aesthetic Cosmetic Treatments for the Face and Body

Beverly Hills Skin Spa

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Everybody gets lines and wrinkles at some point in their lives – this is caused by the breakdown of natural collagen and hyaluronan support layers that lie just beneath your skin. This deterioration is a direct result of external factors such as overexposure to the sun, smoking and environmental pollution, as well as the body’s natural ageing process.

Sophisticated cosmetic treatments that help combat the signs of ageing are gaining widespread popularity among both men and women.

These facial rejuvenation procedures are generally quick and simple – most can be performed during your lunch hour. We use all the latest products and techniques to help enhance your facial contours, relax muscles to remove frown lines, reduce lines, wrinkles or blemishes or create beautiful lips.

We call these “walk in walk out” treatments because they generally only require between 30 minutes to an hour to perform.  Whatever you desire, we can create the beauty you thought only celebrities could afford – or the smoother, fresher look you thought you would no longer be able to achieve.

We also offer non-surgical treatments for the removal of unsightly thread and varicose veins or alleviating problems with excessive sweating.

Dr Simoni is now introducing the new non surgical and non invasive rhinoplasty (nose job) and eyelid Lift using radiesse to Beverly Hills and Long Island.

And all of these facial and non facial rejuvenation treatments are available through our offices. So drop in during your lunch hour  and have a pout created for your lips, or choose a skin treatment right for you.

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