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Nose Lift Without Surgery for Asians

Rhinoplasty (nose lift) without surgery on Asians is more common than Caucasians counterparts.  The goal however stays the same, which is to build a natural-looking nose that blends harmoniously with the face. Usually, Asians noses require building up the bridge and the tip, while Caucasians usually require reduction. Southeast Asians (Filipino, Malay, southern Chinese) typically need the most augmentation.

In Filipinos and other Asians, the bridge of the nose is often low. The nasal tip is usually low and thick, and the base of the nostrils is wide. Hence the most commonly type of rhinoplasty for Asians is the "noselift." Dr Simoni uses radiesse to increase the height of the nasal bridge and to increase the projection of the nasal tip. Dr Simoni takes great care in creating the look and feel that is most suitable to your face and features.

Many Asian patients will also need nostril reduction to decrease the wide nasal base. In his technique, Dr Simoni removes small wedges of skin to bring the nostrils closer together and which will result in natural looking nostrils.

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nose lift without surgery

Problems addressed:

  • Low bridge



Nose lift without surgery

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