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Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty is when a tiny incision is made under the nose between the nostrils an area called the collumela. The skin  is then lifted off the nose cartilage giving the surgeon an excellent view of the nasal anatomy. This procedure is commonly performed by Dr Simoni.

In open rhinoplasty approach, Dr Simoni is able to look directly at the nasal tip cartilages. Once the tip cartilages are exposed, Dr Simoni modifies them by reducing, reshaping, suturing, and supporting them. In open rhinoplasty, it is simpler to use “grafts” to ensure maintenance and support of the desired structure. Grafts are little pieces of cartilage  that are introduced to locations within the nose where they were not present originally. 

For more information about open rhinoplasty visit our Open Rhinoplasty section.

open rhinoplasty

Problems addressed:

  • Dorsal Hump
  • thick skin



Primary open Rhinoplasty

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