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Orange County Face Lift

Orange County face lift (Simoni Lift) is one of the most famous facial rejuvenation procedures in southern california.  As we age, our faces gets exposed to sunlight, pollution, stress and smoking, so we no longer always look as young as we feel. Many ask Dr. Simoni to turn back the clock a tad however, there's no longer just one type of face lift to choose from. Orange County facelift expert, Dr. Simoni evaluate the patient's facial skin and degree of loose skin at an initial facelift consultation and then advises them on which of the facelift procedures would be most appropriate.

Dr. Simoni is an acclaimed facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon who sub-specializes facelift.  Orange County facelift procedures can also include cosmetic surgery of the eyes, brow, chin, forehead, ears and nose.  For more information visit Orange County face lift section.

Orange County Face Lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck bands
  • Upper eyelid loose skin


Simoni Lift


Upper eyelid lift

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