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For patients with well-defined wrinkles or creases, such as the fold between their nose and mouth, most cosmetic surgeons surveyed agree that injectable fillers may be the best treatment available to date. Previously, the only way to fill these wrinkles was with a lifetime of bovine (cow) collagen injections, which can cause allergic reactions, or solid implants that can look and feel unnatural.
Now Dr Simoni can provide you with a safe, long-lasting, natural alternative to these tissue fillers with Radiesse.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is the first calcium hydroxylapatite injectable cohesive implant used for soft tissue augmentation. Over the last 7 years, Radiesse has proven to be a safe and effective alternative for those patients wishing to avoid the potential side effects of bovine and solid implant materials.

Radiesse is long lasting and does not require a skin test because it is the same mineral component found in our bones and teeth.

By supplementing your skin’s own depleted collagen with Radiesse, Dr Simoni can smooth out wrinkles and most scars. Dr Simoni can also improve the appearance of deeper frown lines and nasal furrows.

Radiesse is a safe, effective, time-tested, non-surgical wrinkle treatment that provides immediate results.

What areas respond best to Radiesse treatments?

• Nose (primary or revision)
• Lower eye bags and/or dark circle
• Naso-labial folds
• Peri-oral lines
• Lip enhancement
• Depressed scars
• Oral commissures

What are Radiesse treatments like?
Radiesse treatments are performed in our office and take about fifteen minutes. Radiesse is pre-loaded in syringes for use in treating and correcting your facial lines and other soft tissue defects. First, Dr Simoni applies a little local anesthetic. Then the Radiesse is injected into the wrinkle, through a tiny needle, and placed just under your skin. Unlike other fillers, Radiesse is not absorbed by your system. Therefore, the doctor does not need to over-fill the wrinkle. Your results are immediate and long lasting.

How many Radiesse treatments will I need?
This may vary depending on the patient, the area treated and the desired result. Results with Radiesse are immediate, so you can determine at first glance if you are happy with the results or if you would like more Radiesse injected. Usually one treatment is sufficient because Radiesse is not absorbed by your body and is long lasting.
Some of the benefits of the Radiesse implant are:
• Results are immediate.
• It cannot provoke any allergic reaction.
• It is soft and remains pliable for years.
• It is cost-effective because it is long lasting.
• There is no need to harvest tissue from another site on your body.
• Radiesse can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels or facial surgery.

What can I expect after my treatment with Radiesse?
Patients are up and around immediately after receiving their Radiesse treatments. You can expect greatly improved wrinkles, enhanced lips or smoothed-out depressed scars. Any discomfort following the procedure can be controlled with medication. The treatment site may have a little swelling, which may last 24 to 36 hours depending on the area treated. There may be some slight bruising at the injection site, which can be covered with make-up.

How long will the results last?
Depending on the area treated, most of your correction may last for several months or years. Some touch-up treatments may be necessary. What patients like the most about Radiesse is that they don’t have to come back every three months and they still look great! If you want to get rid of your wrinkles with a safe, natural solution, Radiesse may be for you.

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