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Reduce wide Nostrils

Rhinoplasty for large nostrils

The complaint of a nostril that is “too wide” is a problem which we more frequently encounter among rhinoplasty patients.  If narrowing of naturally wide nostrils is needed,  this can be done by either excising sections from the alar base (floor of the nose) or at the crease where the side of the nose meets the face. Alar base (“nostril narrowing”) surgery poses a unique set of challenges, which best if treated by a rhinoplasty specialist.   All too often many surgeons make it sound like, “No problem, we’ll just take a little wedge of tissue out from both nostrils.”   Unfortunately, external incisions , if not done right, can be noticeable. Most commonly, evidence of bad alar resection is noted as a teardrop or “Q” deformity in the base of the nostril. In others, the nasal base could appear abnormal, as the smooth contour of the nostril has been interrupted.  Moreover, over resection of the nostrils can result in a narrow dysfunctional nostril opening that is difficult, if not impossible, to correct. To learrn more visit rhinoplasty section.

Reduce wide Nostrils

Problems addressed:

  • Over-projected tip
  • nose hump
  • excess collumela show
  • Wide tip
  • Long Nose
  • Wide nostrils


Primary open Rhinoplasty

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