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Revision Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Beverly Hills & Los Angeles California

Everyone having rhinoplasty expecting wonderful things, and rightfully so; after all, rhinoplasties aren’t cheap or easy to go through. Unfortunately, in rhinoplasty things do not always work out ideally. The two most common reason that patients are unhappy with their first rhinoplasty are unrealistic expectations, and the surgeon failure to follow patient instructions. That is why patient doctor communication is out most important. 

Whatever the reason is occasionally, a secondary or " revision rhinoplasty" may be necessary.

Candidates for Secondary Nose Job Procedures

Most people who is unhappy with their previous rhinoplasty procedure and have realistic expectations are candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Whether the nose is too small, too large, or shaped improperly, a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon may be able to correct the problem. Outcomes from a secondary rhinoplasty (revision nose job) is usually unpredictable, but it is up to you and Dr Simoni to determine what is reasonable and safe in your specific case.

Factors influencing the final result include:

  • how many rhinoplasty procedures you have had before
  • what type of rhinoplasty was performed
  • How long ago you have had your last rhinoplasty
  • Nose skin thickness
  • Nasal cartilage strength

Revision Rhinoplasty – What You Should Know

As with any rhinoplasty procedure, the major focus of revision rhinoplasty is establishing  facial harmony. Since nasal support decreases with each rhinoplasty procedure breathing function is of important concern in secondary rhinoplasty.  Secondary rhinoplasty are always more difficult to perform than primary rhinoplasty in that the scaring has changed normal anatomical configuration.

One of the challenges in revision rhinoplasty is in finding adequate cartilage for the structures that have been weakened or removed by previous rhinoplasty. Dr Simoni uses septal cartilage as the first choice. unfortunately, at times septal cartilage is  missing in secondary nose jobs. In these cases Dr Simoni will frequently use ear cartilage as a substitute.  

It is essential that you choose a rhinoplasty specialist who has extensive training in nasal cosmetic and functional reconstructive surgery. 

The following pictures represents before and after photographs of patients who underwent nasal surgery by Dr. Simoni.  They are presented as examples of real people from various walks of life who chose to have plastic surgery.

Click on any picture to enlarge:

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