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How much Rhinoplasty Cost (nose job prices)?

The cost of Nose job (rhinoplasty prices) varies depending on the surgeon's experience, the location where the rhinoplasty is performed, and the extent of changes needs to be made to the nose. In our practice, cost cannot be predicted accurately until Dr Simoni performs an examination and formulate a surgical plan.

In Beverly Hills, Average rhinoplasty costs range from $3,000 to $9,000. Obviously, new doctors with more limited experience and skill are cheapest option (3K to 4K).  As the surgeon becomes more experienced and skilled, (s)he moves up the price ladder.  Rhinoplasty specialist, such as Dr Simoni, are usually the higher end of the price range.  You must bear in mind that in case of need for revision or redo of a unsatisfactory result, the cost of revision rhinoplasty varies between $10,000 to $20,000.  So nose is not where you may want to save your pennies. 

The price of rhinoplasty comprises three fees: surgeons fee, anesthesia fee, and operating facility fee. Some physicians charge separately for each part.  That is why when you see an ad for lower price always read the fine prints.  In Simoni Plastic Surgery, we try to present a combined fee for every thing.  We do not believe in hidden fees. For more detail information visit our rhinoplasty page.

rhinoplasty cost

Problems addressed:

  • Wide nose tip
  • Over-projected tip
  • nose hump
  • Hanging nose


Primary open Rhinoplasty

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