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Nose Job / Rhinoplasty for Men

Are you seeking a rhinoplasty specialist for men?

At Simoni Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, Dr Simoni specializes in rhinoplasty for men - what some people call a male nose job. Like our glamorous neighbors we offer our rhinoplasty patients elegance, sophistication, and superb service
Men have many reasons for seeking a rhinoplasty or "nose job." Men seek rhinoplasty for different range of reasons such as removing a bump on the nose, narrowing the nose, elevating a drooping tip, doing other refinements to the nose's shape, or opening the breathing passages. It is important to communicate your needs in detail during your consultation so Dr Simoni can customize your rhinoplasty procedure to your individual needs. 

Most men seeking rhinoplasty do not wish to dramatically change in their nose.  In a sense, men want to look good and feel good. majority do not want to female looking nose. you may notice this from our before and after photos. Dr Simoni works with many different types of male noses and bring individualized approaches to the procedure.

Rhinoplasty for men is perhaps the most challenging so it should be done with a rhinoplastic specialist.  Men have generally a thicker skin which mimics ethnic rhinoplasties

Postoperatively, on the average men's noses stay swollen slightly longer than women.   

The following pictures represents before and after photographs of patients who underwent nasal surgery by Dr. Simoni.  They are presented as examples of real people from various walks of life who chose to have plastic surgery.

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