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Rhinoplasty for Noses With Thick Skin

how is a broad nose fixed with plastic surgery

Sometimes thick nose skin (bulbous tip) will limit the amount of definition the nose will get after rhinoplasty.  Dr Simoni can improve nasal shape, even in revision cases with thick skin, by using cartilage grafts or other techniques.  In rhinoplasty for thick skin one must keep in mind that thick skin/sebaceous especially at tip will limit Refinement and may take up to 6 months to completely settle. Some times Dr Simoni can do local steroid injection to facilitate the healing.

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Rhinoplasty for Noses With Thick Skin

Problems addressed:

  • Over-projected tip
  • nose hump
  • Thick skin
  • Neck fat deposit
  • Upper eyelid droopy skin


Primary open Rhinoplasty

Neck Liposuction

Simoni Lift

Upper eyelid Lift


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