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Rhinoplasty with a Chin Implant

Normally no one really sees him/her self in a true profile view, that is how the rest of the world does however. (actually a quarter profile view to be accurate) In a profile view, the most important aesthetic points are the nose and the chin and the neck angle.

The key elements of this facial contour are the nose and chin. They represent the ‘ying and the yang’ of the facial profile. Ideally, the base of the nose and the tip of the chin should lie on a similar vertical line. Often, however, the nose is in front of the chin due to a larger nose and/or a smaller chin. Therefore, rhinoplasty with a chin implant is the best option for some patients facial harmony.   Often times, patients do not envision the need for a chin implant with their rhinoplasty procedure. Dr Simoni utilizes facial computer imaging to help the patient so they can determine if the combination of a rhinoplasty with a chin implant is better than a rhinoplasty alone.  For more detail information visit our rhinoplasty page.

Rhinoplasty with a Chin Implant


Problems addressed:

  • Over-projected tip
  • nose hump
  • Weak chin


Primary open Rhinoplasty

Chin implant


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