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what causes sagging eye lids

The most common reason for sagging eyelids is aging. In reality, the eyelids themselves do not actually sag, but rather, there is a decrease in the volume behind the eyelids.  Combined with increase loosening of the skin tissues it creates an excess of skin. This excess of skin causes the eyes to look sagging and tired. If enough skin overhangs the eyelids, the vision may even become obstructed.  There times that the eyelids are sagging in a young individual due to genetic factors.

What can be done for sagging eyelids?

The treatment for sagging eyelids is typically through a simple eyelid procedure. Small incisions are made in the eyelid crease and the excess eyelid skin is removed. The skin is then typically closed with a very small, often disolvable sutures, which are typically barely visible in the eyelid crease.  For more information Visit Eyelid page.

what causes sagging eye lids


Problems addressed: 
  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck Bands
  • Upper eyelid loose skin

Simoni Lift


Upper eyelid lift

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