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Second Face Lift / Revision Facelift

An un-natural facelift can be more unattractive than an aging face that has had no work at all. Fortunately, revision facelift procedures is possible. Dr. Simoni is adept at this procedure, understands the concerns of those who need it, and has been featured internationally on the subject .

The key to the revision facelift is to correct the fundamental problems that lead to the undesirable appearance in the first place. Often, a revision procedure applies vertical suspension to facial features, pulling the cheeks and the neck up to counteract the effects of gravity.  Incisions are made in inconspicuous places to minimize scarring.   For information about Simoni Lift visit the face lift page.

second face lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck bands
  • Marionette line
  • Nasolabial fold


Simoni Lift


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