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Smaller Nose Without Surgery

How to make nose smaller without surgery

One of the newest development in plastic surgery is the "nose job without surgery". This procedures uses injectable fillers such as Radiesse to correct nasal deformities such as humps, drooping tips. Nose job without surgery involves minimal pain, no bruising, no swelling and the results can be seen immediately. Nose job without surgery is done in the office and takes just 15 minutes. No anesthesia is needed; Dr Simoni simply applies a numbing cream. A small amount of Radiesse is then carefully injected into very precise locations on the top of the nose.  Radiesse can fill in depressions anywhere on the nose, smooth out sharp angles or change the angle of the tip of the nose. Although Nose job without surgery cannot reduce the size of a large nose, it does camouflage the hump on the nose nose - an important outcome since a straight nose blends in to the rest of the face and actually appears smaller. For more information visit Nose job without surgery section.

Nose Job Without Surgery

Problems addressed:

  • nose hump


Nose job without surgery

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