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Stem cell Face Lift

What is Stem Cell Face lift?

A Stem Cell facelift is a facial tightening lift (e.g. Simoni Lift) that also incorporates a stem cell rich fat transfer. Stem Cells have a superpower type ability, which allows them to differentiate into any type of cells, making them ideal to compliment cosmetic surgery. When injected into the face they quickly become acclimated to their new location and repair and replace previously damaged tissue and lost volume.

How is a Stem Cell Facelift Done?

A Stem Cell Facelift is a “Simoni facelift” with an additional procedure of fat transfer. Stem Cell rich fat is extracted from a fatty area of the lower body and re-injected into the face. Both the lift and transfer are done non-invasively, taking only about one hour to complete.

What is the benefit of combining Stem cell fat with facelift?

Currently, it is becoming increasingly common for Dr Simoni to combine his face lift procedures with fat injection. There are a number of benefits to this combined procedure. In patients who desire to achieve maximum youthful result, fat inection is helpful to restore structures such as the mid-face, hollowness of the lower eyelids, cheek bones, cheeks, chin, peri-oral areas, lips, laugh lines and marionette lines.

How long does the Stem Cell Facelift last?

Although it is impossible to predict how long the benefits of each fat transfer will last since there are many factors that come in to play in terms of longevity (such as genetics, stress, smoking and age) the average life of grafted fat is over 7 years. We have known for years the benefits of stem cells in all areas of medicine, and the advantages are preeminent in the case of fat transfers to the face.

Stem Cell Lift Recovery

A stem cell transfer alone will have a recovery time of 3-4 days and when incorporated with a Simoni Lift the recovery time is 7-10 days.

Fat injection with Face Lifts

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Loose Neck Bands
  • Hollow lower eyelid

Procedures: Stem cell facelift

Simoni Lift


Fat grafting

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