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Dr Payman Simoni Testimonials

The following statements are from Dr Simoni's patients' emails.  If you have comments or statements about Dr Payman Simoni and wish to share it with the public you may email us at help@drsimoni.com .  (To protect your privacy, your name will not be displayed)

Reviews and complaints are always a concern with great doctors.  Have no fear of complaints with Dr. Payman Simoni, he is always available for his patients. Read the testimonials below.

I haven't been in for pix at 6 mos. post-treatment, but I love, love the work that the good Dr. performed--I look like me again!

Many thanks to Dr. Simoni and all of the staff : )  Lesley A. M.  8/16/12


To Dr. Simoni and Staff,
I would just like to thank you for making my procedure as pleasant as possible.
It's because of your kindness, willingness to answer my questions, and your professionalism 
That I was able to have such a calm, relaxed, comfortable, and confident experience!  Many thanks!  Sincerely, Jennifer C.  7/31/12

dr payman simoni testimonialI am so impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that your office demonstrated throughout this whole process.  I researched doctors for two years because I was so concerned about what might go wrong.  I interviewed several doctors and I was immediately impressed with your office.  Unlike other doctors, you took a very individualized approach and addresses all my questions and concerns.  Your staff was amazing.  At no point did I feel scared or hesitant about the procedure.  Your staff was professional and compassionate.  The morning of my surgery, they greeted me with a smile and treated me as though I was their only patient.  As for the result, again amazing!  you truly an artist Dr Simoni.  I am so happy with the results.  My nose and chin look perfect  for my face the results were perfectly tailored for my face.  My orthodontist was so impressed with the result that her daughter contacted you to do rhinoplasty on her nose.  MB 10/11

dr payman simoni ratingI absolutely love my new nose! I haven't had any pain or felt any discomfort at all. Almost all the swelling is gone. I would like to thank Dr. Simoni and the staff so much for the good care I received at the clinic and for the beautiful result! I'm so happy! :) :) I miss LA, and hope to go back soon! :)     H.F. 9/24/11

dr simoni reviewWords can not describe how happy and grateful I am to have met you.  I didn't think I was going to have straight nose again-and you made it possible!  The results were beyond my my expectations.  Because of you, my confidence was restored and I don't feel like I have to hide anymore.  You are the best of the best! Love A.T.  8/12/11

dr simoni testimonialI wanted to Thank you for my beautiful nose.  I had such a pleasant experience and had absolutely no pain.  My self confidence has gone too high now, since the surgery.  you are truly gifted and gift to others as well.  6/2011 G


dr simoni ratingDr Simoni and staff, thank you for the VIP treatment and care.  I am truly grateful and appreciate the great care that was given to me.  A. S. 5/1/11



Thank you for the most incredible experience dealing with your office, from start-to finish.  I could not rave about Silvia more.  She was the person who introduced me to the Simoni office, took the time and patience to explain the operation , answer questions and make me feel comfortable with having a procedure with you.  I know you realize what a valuable asset she is to your practice.   I would be remiss if I also did not mention Jennifer Tinelli who provided exceptional customer service in person and on the phone when I had medical questions or concerns.  She has the perfect personality for the job by successfully putting a patient's mind at ease with her confident, competent and knowledgeable handling of issues for them. And then I want to extend my appreciation for Maria Armstrong and Alexandra Davidson, for their congenial manner.  They went out of their way on several occasions to welcome me, ensure I was satisfied customer and that all my needs were met.  Your entire staff is extraordinary in that they seem to enjoy their work.  , and are dedicated to professional excellence and providing supreme customer service to all who walk through your door.  I want to convey a heartfelt thanks to every one at Simoni Plastic Surgery center and of course more importantly to you, Dr Simoni, for the wonderful job you did to fulfill my wishes of facial makeover that looks so natural no one is aware.  Congratulation on the job well done and surrounding yourself with people who make you shine.   RS 2/16/11

I've never thought my nose fit me, the shape seemed fine enough just too big for a girl. For 6 years I've known I wanted to get the size of it reduced surgically. I'm so glad I stumbled across Dr. Simoni. Since day one I've felt so comfortable and so well taken care of by all of you. My surgery and recovery was so easy and actually painless! Slightly uncomfortable and stiff but no pain (unless I bumped my nose by accident haha). It's been ten days since my surgery and me and my friends went out tonight for the first time since and took pictures, and when I saw my face in them I wanted to cry tears of joy. I finally looked like the person I felt like on the inside. I loved how I looked! In every picture, every angle my nose is ADORABLE. The change is sooo subtle but makes the world of difference to me (and that's the only person it needed to). I can already tell I'm going to love the result after all of the healing is done. A mere thank you doesn't even begin to cover it, I feel so blessed to have found you.     ED 12/2/10

Like anyone, I had some doubts about rhinoplasty. It was something I always wanted to do, but the results I wanted to achieve were so minor I questioned whether or not a procedure was even necessary. Ultimately, I took the plunge and the small corrections to my nose made such an impressive difference, I wish I'd done it years earlier.   BS (11/21/10)

A professional, warm, and courteous office staff took care of all the details and a lot of the worry. Jennifer and Silvia were wonderful, and I felt more than comfortable in their hands. Dr. Simoni is a skilled surgeon, and the entire process was quick and relatively painless. I never would have believed a procedure of this difficulty could be handled with such precision and attention. I highly recommend Dr. Simoni and his wonderful staff to anyone with apprehensions about the field of cosmetic surgery. An exceptional experience, from start to finish.   TS  9/5/10

First off I had a wonderful experience with Dr.Simoni and his amazing staff. I love the rhinoplasty results! I am so pleased with the artistic detailing of my new nose. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is not happy with their nose and are looking for a good surgeon to make the changes they want to see. 6/24/2010 CG

I had my nose and chin done by Dr. Simoni when he was in New York almost 5 years ago. Not only have I been so happy with the work he has done for me, nobody can even tell I have had any work done. I would travel to use this brilliant doctor again and am so thankful for the beauty he has given to me. Thank you! A.K. 6/21/2010

While waiting to go in for my procedure, I could not help but notice the collection of thank you notes from satisfied patients.  Well consider me one more!  Any worries or concerns I had about my rhinoplasty were shattered as soon as I woke up from anesthesia.  I was treated with the outmost care and concern throughout this process, and I am thrilled with my results.  My breathing troubles have been significantly decreased, and I am so proud of my profile!    6/18/2010   S.B.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me!  You are an amazing doctor and I will continue to send you anyone in the search of a great doctor to you.  GR 12/30/09


I would like to thank you and your staff for making my rhino a pain and stress free process.  I knew my entire life I was going to have a nose job but it had to be with a perfect Dr. that Dr. was you.  You are truely a master of your practice.  RM 10/20/09


Words can not express how grateful I am for the beautiful job you did on my nose.  You made this process that I feared so much smoother and easier than I could ever imagine.  I have received so many complements and praises for your work and have been referring you to everyone I talk to about my nose.  I have you to thank for my newly found confidence and delight when I look in the mirror.  NK 8/10/09

A current happy patient of Dr Simoni's surgery-less rhinoplasty. Thank you so very much for your talent, you have masked the deformity of this girls nose greatly making life livable again, thank you immensely.  TB  5/8/09


Thank you so much for helping to make "10 Years Younger" a great show!  All of our participants had incredible transformations because of your generosity.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your staff.  11/8/08


Thank you so much for my beautiful nose! and most importantly for my new found confidence.  ES 9/14/08


Thank you so much for your expert professional service.  And...making me look 10 years younger PS 8/20/08


I am very pleased with my Simoni lift, it was such an easy procedure, and the results are great. I am a cancer survivor, and so many people come up to me and ask how I am doing and tell me I look amazing. They have no idea
I had the lift.  CF 3/1/08

I love, love, love my new nose.  It is by far the best thing that I (and you, haha) have ever done in my life.  That is the only thing I wasn't happy with and now I feel perfect!  TS 9/6/07


Thank you for the care and attention you gave to my recent facial plastic surgery procedures. 
Having often said “I would never have plastic surgery,” I have had to eat my words.  Never say never!!!! 
Having had the surgeries Friday, May 18, 2007,  I returned to work the following Monday with very little discomfort other than the procedure you did on my neck.  Of course I iced my face, eyes and neck 24 hours a day from Friday afternoon thru Monday morning.  There was minimal bruising and swelling in just 2 ½ days with minimal pain. 
I feel privileged to have found you for my facial surgery procedures.  I value your expertise, talent and skill.  I am delighted with the results.  Now I am not the one who looks tired and haggard, being married to a man 13 years my junior, he is.  Of course he never gets enough rest either. :>) 
The Obagi skin care program you put me on after my facial surgery, to repair badly damaged skin, is coming along fine.  I am delighted that so many of the dark sun spots are disappearing in just a month.  My skin has a more uniform color to it and some of the small wrinkles are diminishing.  I can’t wait to see the results six months from now! 
I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or social contacts to you.  In fact I have given several people your business card, including one of my doctors who commented about what good surgery results I had. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you,  SF 7/12/07

Thank you so much for giving me back what time took away.  I smile in the mirror and see me again!  LS 5/20/07

Last night was kind of a "debut" for me - it was the ASCAP film awards show/dinner at the Kodak Theater. A black tie affair. I felt absolutely fabulous, and knew I looked the best I'd looked for years. Old friends were literally gaping at me, lavishly complimenting my hairdo (as has become usual!) One woman who has known me for 2 decades begged for an answer, "What have you done, you're gorgeous!" You can't imagine what this does for my soul. I just smile serenely and say that it's how good I feel now that I'm on with my new life, post-divorce. ......  I just feel like I have my life back, and .....  thanks to Dr. Simoni, the most thoughtful plastic surgeon ever. I am incredibly lucky to have stumbled into your office.  OP 4/18/07

I who write for a living cannot find the words to thank you enough for how you have, with your deft doctor's hands, now reconciled the person I am inside with my outward appearance. I feel that I have been given a new chance, a brand new confidence in who I am, and what I can accomplish in my life. In a year of transition (divorce, selling home, moving, re-evaluating, new management, exciting new career choices) I am not only not ready to even learn how to spell "retire," but I am ebulliently starting over. How much better can that go than when I look into the mirror and actually see the person I feel I am. Someone was telling me today about this film, "The Secret." Evidently the big secret is that you attract what you put out. By transforming myself with this neck lift and eyelid refinement, I am able now to put out the very essence of confidence and happiness. I feel joy just bubbling up and coming out of every pore. You have wrought a miracle, I am telling you. I know you know what you do, in principle. But you cannot imagine the psychological effect your artistry can work on someone like me.  So again, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.          PO 03/21/07

I had my rhinoplasty done 3 days ago (12/26/06).  This is great, I have 2 black eyes and I'm swollen, but I have no pain.  I am on no pain meds and drove the day after my surgery.  Everyone says that you can't see what your new nose looks like due to swelling but if it's going to get even better than this I'm impressed!!!  I was very scared to select a Doctor because this is your face, I am so happy that I chose Dr. Simoni and I want everyone thinking about a nose job to check out his before and after pictures.  If you like them, do it, because I did and I can already see I have exactly the nose I wanted.  Will update you again and hopefully have my pictures on your website.  Thanks so much. ~~~T 12/29/06

Everyone at work thinks I look great, but they just could not put their finger on why.....and then I told everyone.....I have given your name out.....Thanks again......  TE 11/10/06

I want to thank you for your care of me and your perfect diagnosis.  I will have my 4th chemotherapy soon Truly ML 06/19/06

Doc, thank you so much for making my surgery so non evasive. Your professionalism, sincerity, and consideration towards my needs are second to none. I would recommend you to anyone considering surgery.  thank you again.  A very happy patient.       RR /06

I had reg lipo a year ago with a different ps and wasn't happy with my abs and waist...i had a touchup and still wasn't pleased. every time i sat i had 3 rolls that were obvious. i was never really large I am 5ft 3 in and 128 lbs...and i still am...i wear size 2/4 clothing...but my abs were yucky... my ps kept telling me that i needed a tummy tuck because i'm 5o yrs old and the area is too fibrous...i dont have any stretch marks and was never heavy... i decided to see dr.simoni in long island...WOW!! what a sweetheart..he's down to earth and only performs vaser lipo...so at 8am today i was in his hands...what a difference between the 2 surgeries...I was only given a mild sedative, my abs were numbed. all of my abs, and my waist 2...then he injected fluid with tiny cannula needles and then the vaser went to work melting the fat...i stood up during the surgery so he could take different views, i even sat and bend over too... he only does one surgery a day...its not a factory assembly line...his assistant was a sweetheart...i was given bikini underware to wear throughout the entire surgery,,,my vaser lipo ended at 1pm...im all packaged up for now, but i will definitely post my before and after picks,,,oh...and the pain is minimal..just a little sore and tired...compared to my reg lipo,thats when i wanted to die from the pain...i only wished i had gone to dr.simoni first!    AP 11/26/05

Just a note to say thanks to the best plastic surgeon on Long Island.  My eyes are coming along and looking BEAUTIFUL I might add.   Hope all is well with you. I hope you're extremely busy because you are incredibly talented.  HK 6/3/05

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job with my rhinoplasty. I can really see such the difference in my before and after pictures. My nose looks fantastic!!! You did such a beautiful job. I am so happy!        Thank you   LA 5/05

...wanted to let you know that the bandage came off today. My nose is...perfect. I was so anxious this week to see what it looks like. I really can't believe it it is exactly what I wanted. You are the best and I can't wait for you to see.    RL 3/20/05

Thanks so much and I am very happy with my new bodyshape.  :-) I feel like a superstar.     RC 3/14/05


I am very excited that you are willing to do the best you can to work with me and my mom.. You have no idea how this has effected me growing up.. I used to get made fun of.. and kids would ask me if i shaved my face or if i filed it with sandpaper because it looks so rough.. it has made me very insecure about myself.. I turn down dates and outings with my friends because I'm always afraid someone is going to say something about my face.. ---------- to thank you for giving me hope that there is something you can do for my face.. It really means a lot to me.. I am very excited..       AC   2/22/05

I really appreciated the fact that you have completely honest with me and not made me feel pressured, you always take the time to make sure all of my questions are answered and I am at ease. This is a very rare characteristic to find in doctors, and I value your personal opinion of my surgery.  I appreciate your help and will tell others of your work with strong recommendation. Thank you,       RL 2/21/05

I am so happy with the results of the restylane injections.  My lips retained their shape, yet now I have the fullness that was lacking.  This one small change has better balanced my face, and given me so much confidence.  I was also quite pleased with your manner during the procedure; you were informative, kind, and considerate, and I appreciate that you made the experience a pleasant one.        LR 10/21/04

I want to say thank you for making this experience simple & pain-free. I love my results and know that you truly are an artist. Please send me my before
and after pictures so I can show-off your work to everyone!!! Thanks again        JP 9/30/04

I am very pleased with the results of my eyelid surgery.    When I look at them I know I made the right decision.  Thanks so much.  MP  9/18/04


My son is very happy with the results, also, and I think this will be a big confidence booster for him. He really is blooming now.  It was the best thing we ever did!  You should be commended.  Thanks so much,  you've made him a very happy young man!     CC 9/19/04

Thanks!! I'll see you Saturday at 11am for the after pictures and the difference is drastic!!     RC   9/9/04


I just wanted to tell everyone that i am 1 month post-op and am absolutely thrilled with my new nose!!!! I love my doctor so much and i just think he is worth checking out .    LK  8/1/04


I am very happy with the results of my surgery.  The best part is that I look great but no one knows what was done.  I get comments all the way from "were you on vocation?" to "did you loose weight?".  Looking natural was one of my goals and you certainly did just what I wanted.  You have no idea how happy I am.  JW 1/23/04

Remember, if you have any complaints about the way you look or feel, you can trust Dr. Payman Simoni's advice weather it is an initial consultation or a follow up visit.

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