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Thread Lift Vs. Simoni Lift

A thread lift is known by different names such as Contour Threadlift, feather lift, Aptos thread lift, one stitch lift, and cosmo face lift.  In simple terms, thread lift is use of barbed suture to lift the skin. 

Once thread lift was introduced, it received a lot of attention because in theory it made sense.  But as the results started to surface, the popularity of the thread lift diminished.  Based on patients reviews published by Realself website, Almost 90% of patients treated with thread lift were unhappy with their procedure. 

Due to extremely poor result and satisfaction from thread lift, Dr. Simoni no longer recommend thread lift to his patients.  That is why Dr. Simoni has introduced the Simoni Lift.  Simoni Lift has all the advantages of the non invasive treatments and best of all it lasts for years.  The patient depicted below has undergone Simoni Lift.  For more information visit Simoni Lift section.

thread lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Loose Neck Bands
  • Marionette lines


Simoni Lift


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