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What is Tip Rhinoplasty (Nosejob)?

Tip of the nose is a critical part of the nose and gives it much character.  "Tip rhinoplasty" is designed to change the shape of the nasal tip.  Common complaints are to change a nasal tip that is too wide, boxy, bulbous, or narrow.

The goal of tip rhinoplasty is to produce a more delicate refined tip.  Dr Simoni frequently performes "open Rhinoplasty technique for his tip rhinoplasties.  This allows him to directly see the cartilage structures of the tip and use sculpting, sutures and even grafts to provide the optimum result.

It is important to select a surgeon who is properly licensed, trained, and experienced in performing this type of procedure.  Clearly communicate your goals to Dr Simoni so he can meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. For more information visit tip rhinoplasty section.

tip rhinoplasty

Problems addressed:

  • wide tip
  • Hump
  • Over projected (large) nose



Primary open Rhinoplasty

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