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VaserShape™ in Beverly Hills

The first non-surgical FDA- cleared ultrasonic non surgical liposuction!

VaserShape is the newest, revolutionary procedure in fat removal cellulite treatment, and body sculpting. This non-invasive, non-painful, safe treatment requires no anesthesia and feels more like a relaxing, heated massage than anything.
Mainly used on the abdomen, hips, back rolls, arms, thighs, “saddle bags”, and “love handles”(not recommended for face or neck) the VaserShape uses a hand-piece with two low frequency ultrasound heads that are used to target the spot of unwanted fat deposits under the skin. The ultrasound energy interrupts fat cells via its thermal, mechanical and chemical effects. This process involves the breaking of the fat cell membranes in which the fat cells burst and the fatty acids and triglycerides are released and then absorbed by the body. Through natural body and liver metabolism the fatty acids are then eliminated from the body.
The wonderful thing about this procedure is that patients can resume their normal activities immediately afterwards, as well as enjoy an immediate decrease in cellulite and circumference of the targeted area. However, 5-7 treatments are recommended and can each be held within days of each other. Each treatment lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and is very comfortable, feeling similar to a hot stone massage.

As with any body contouring procedure, the VaserShape is not for those who are extremely overweight nor is it a weight loss plan. It is ideally for those who are in good health, yet cannot get rid of a pocket of fat. And with no downtime or pain this is an ideal alternative to liposuction.

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We welcome you to contact us with your questions about the vasershape in California at (310) 360-1360. This patented minimally invasive liposuction treatment is a wonderful alternative to liposuction provides natural results.

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