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Virtual Plastic Surgery

The most common question everyone thinks about when considering plastic surgery is: how will I look after the surgery? The famed saying "a picture is worth thousand words" would definitely apply here. The answer may be a little easier to get these days with the advent of 3-D computer technology, and a prominent facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills is taking full advantage of it.

virtual plastic surgery

Dr. Payman Simoni is one of the most sought after physicians in his field. Using an innovative VECTRA® 3-Dimensional camera and Sculptor™ software, developed by Canfield Imaging Systems (Fairfield, NJ) Dr. Simoni can provide plastic surgery patients with life-like simulations of their faces in 3 dimensional spaces.3d computer imaging rhinoplasty

With 3-D imaging, patients considering procedures such as Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills are photographed from a variety of angles with multiple cameras. The digital images from all the cameras are then combined with the Sculptor™ software to create a 3d image of the face.

Since Rhinoplasty can potentially affect the balance of the entire face, the 3-D VECTRA® technology comes in very handy for patients who wish to undergo Rhinoplasty. Dr. Simoni is one of the most meticulous Rhinoplasty specialists and 3-D imaging is one more way for him to communicate with his prospective Rhinoplasty patients what the goals for the surgery should be.

In rare cases where the patient is not certain of their goals, the 3D imaging can be priceless. “Because the images are in 3-D, I can rotate their images to any viewpoint, and they can clearly examine the final outcome. I can make simulated changes and examine surgical goals in advance, and this truly helps them make sounder decisions.” Says Dr Simoni.

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