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Weekend Face Lift

The weekend facelift (Simoni Lift) is allowing more people to look more refreshed without a major downtime. A weekend facelift is for saggy jowl and neck. While it has all the benefits of a full facelift, weekend facelifts allow people to go back to work quick and reduce the risk of complications.

The weekend facelift is ideal for both younger and older patients.  Saving both time and money, the weekend facelift is more economically sound. It is important to note that the weekend facelift is still surgical, so patients must be healthy, just hidden incisions allows patients to avoid the normal two to three weeks it can take to heal from a full facelift. Just a local anesthetic is needed, so patients can also avoid the risk of a general anesthesia. Within 4 to 7 days, most patient can go back to normal activity. Opposed to traditional facelift, the weekend facelift has a more natural appearance. Weekend facelift patients also like how the procedure does not give them a "pulled look", and that it minimizes the scars.

With the quicker healing time, a weekend facelift is able to give patients a more refreshed look without the signs of major surgery or anyone knowing the procedure was performed if they would like to keep it secret. Just like with any type of cosmetic procedure, a patient must first be completely evaluated to make sure he/she is qualified to undergo the weekend facelift. Patients should understand the limitations of cosmetic surgical procedures and be realistic about the outcome. The weekend facelift has become a very popular cosmetic procedure, with its many benefits enjoyed by patients of all types. For more information visit weekend face lift section.

weekend face lift

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Jowl
  • Loose Neck
  • Neck Fat Deposit


Simoni Lift

Neck Liposuction

Fat Transfer

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