Camille Grammer Plastic Surgery

It is obvious that Camille Grammer of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, isn’t the most natural looking housewife, but now the March 7th issue of Star Magazine highlights the facial plastic surgery she’s had over the years. By looking at an image of the 43 year old Grammer now, compared to that of the photo of her in 1986 (from a high school yearbook) you can see that besides Botox she has had a rhinoplasty to thin out and refine the tip of her nose, as well as lip injections- as they are much, much larger now.

While on the subject, today in New York, Camille’s ex-husband famed actor Kelsey Grammer (56) will wed his fiance Kayte Walsh (29) on stage at the Longacre Theatre in New York. This is the same Broadway stage where he starred in a revival of the musical La Cage aux Folles. This will be Kelsey’s 4th marriage.

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